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    The management system in place at CJSC Gazpromneft – Aero evolves according to applicable Russian legislation, the Charter and the enterprise’s internal documents.

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    Gazprom Neft and its subsidiaries are a vertically-integrated oil company (VIOC), whose core operations involve the exploration, development, production and sale of oil and gas, as well as the production and sale of petrochemicals.

    Gazprom Neft operates in Russia’s largest oil-and-gas bearing regions: Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs, and Tomsk, Omsk and Orenburg Regions. The company’s main refining facilities are located in Omsk, Moscow and Yaroslavl Regions, as well as in Serbia. In addition, the company implements production projects beyond Russia — in Iraq, Venezuela and other countries.

    The proven hydrocarbon reserves of Gazprom Neft per SPE (PRMS) exceed 1.1 bln tons of oil equivalent (o.e.), ranking it among the world's twenty largest oil companies.

    Gazprom Neft group includes about 80 oil producing, refining and sales enterprises in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries, unified according to the vertical integration principle. The company refines over 80% of its produced oil, demonstrating an optimal production-to-refining ratio.

    Gazprom Neft products are sold both inside and outside Russia via an extensive network of in-house sales enterprises. As of year-end 2011, the company’s network of operational filling stations (proper, leased and franchised) encompasses 1670 filling stations in Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

    Based on 2012 results, Gazprom Neft ranks among Russia’s five leading oil companies in terms of oil production volume.

    Gazprom Neft in figures*

    Proven SPE PRMS hydrocarbon reserves

    1,2 bln tons

    Reserve replacement ratio

    230 %

    Oil production (including production by affiliates)

    59.71 mln tons

    Total oil refined

    43.3 mln tons

    Total oil exported

    16.7 mln tons

    Total petroleum products sold (Russia)

    25.2 mln tons

    Total petroleum products exported

    16.4 mln tons

    Total petroleum products exported


    2012 net profit

    RUB 176,296 mln

    * As of December 31, 2012


    EGOROV Vladimir Egorovich

    General Director


    DAYNEKO Irina Veniaminovna

    First Deputy General Director – Deputy General Director for Operations


    SHITCHENKO Valeriy Nikolaevich

    Deputy General Director for Sales and Logistics


    VERKHOGLYAD Evgeniy Viktorovich

    Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance


    ZENIN Valeriy Semenovich

    Deputy General Director for Information Security Procedures


    KAUK Viktor Vasilyevich

    Deputy General Director for Interaction with Governmental Authorities


    SMIRNOV Viktor Viktorovich

    Deputy General Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs


    VERNER Dmitriy Vitalevich

    Deputy General Director for Capital Construction