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  • Aviation fuel sales

    Gazpromneft – Aero is the absolute leader on the RF market for retail aviation fuel sales. The company ensures regular supplies to airports, high fuel quality, the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies for aircraft servicing, and flight safety.

    In 2013, the company increased its retail sales of aircraft kerosene by 16%, while its retail market share topped the 23% mark.

    Gazpromneft – Aero is systematically expanding its in-house sales network while increasing its share of Russian and international markets through continuous investments in the upgrading of airport aviation-fuel infrastructure and development of its in-house FSS network.

    Gazpromneft – Aero sells aviation fuel via its subsidiaries, which render aircraft-fuelling services at the largest airports in Russia and CIS countries:
    CJSC «Sovex» (St. Petersburg)
    CJSC «Gazpromneft – AERO Novosibirsk»
    LLC «Gazpromneft – AERO Sheremetyevo»
    LLC «Gazpromneft – AERO Bryansk»
    LLC «Gazpromneft – AERO Murmansk»
    LLC «Gazpromneft – AERO Kyrgyzstan»
    LLC «Gazpromneft – AERO Kemerovo»
    LLC «Gazpromneft – AERO Ulyanovsk»
    LLC «Gazpromneft – AERO Tomsk»
    LLC «TZK Yenisey»