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    The activities of CJSC Gazpromneft – Aero and its partners are based on equal rights and obligations aimed at achieving common goals – the quality fuel-servicing of aircraft and ensuring flight safety. 

    In Russia, Gazpromneft – Aero establishes productive relationships with partner airlinesairports, local authorities and agencies. 

    When operating abroad, Gazpromneft – Aero, first and foremost, respects the interests of its Russian air-carrier corporate clients and their passengers. 

    In 2011, Gazpromneft – Aero and Air Total International signed an agreement on the creation of an aviation-fuel supply network envisioning the mutual use by the partners of airports at which both companies have a presence. Pursuant to the agreement, Air Total International provides Gazpromneft – Aero with full access to the network of airports where it has a presence, including the fuelling of regular, non-recurrent and unscheduled charter flights. Thus, the list of offers provided by Gazpromneft – Aero regarding aircraft fuelling “into the wing” has expanded into the new air-transportation direction of Europe, Asia-Pacific Region countries, Africa and the Middle East. Within the scope of the agreement with Gazpromneft – Aero, Air Total International fuels its partners at Russian airports. 

    Partnership relations with clients involve more than just the search for mutually-acceptable solutions to common problems. Gazpromneft – Aero assumes the responsibility of building long-term relationships that create synergy between the knowledge and reliability for both parties.

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