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  • For counterparties in the RF


    Bogemskiy Vitaliy Borisovich
    Head of Sales Directorate in Russia
    tel.: +7(812) 449-18-83 (*66-04)

    Mikhailova Tatiana Olegovna
    Head of Department Retail Sales in Russia
    tel.: +7(812) 449-18-83 (*66-08)

    List of documents for the conclusion of contracts

    1. Organization card
    2. copy of the Registration Certificate;
    3. copy of the extract from the USRLE;
    4. copy of the Charter;
    5. copy of the tax registration certificate;
    6. copy of the certificate of registration with Rosstat agencies;
    7. copies of documents confirming the authorities of the person concluding (signing) the contract on behalf of the counterparty (extract from the relevant minutes of the General Shareholders (Participants) Meeting, power of attorney etc.);
    8. copy of the accounting balance-sheet and profit-and-loss statement;
    9. copies of licenses and permits (if required for this type of activity);
    10. information on beneficiaries. 

    The documents (copies of the documents) must be processed within 30 days of their submission.

    The document specified in Clause 1 is to be processed on the respective organization’s (individual entrepreneur’s) letterhead; the documents specified in Clauses 2-9 are to be submitted as certified copies.