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  • Employee development and support

    Gazpromneft – Aero acts as a responsible employer, maintaining partner relations with staff members by providing them with competitive remuneration, career opportunities and all of the conditions necessary for efficient work. Company employees work in  28 Russian regions, as well as in Kyrgyzstan.

    The company is implementing and developing an integrated motivation system based on the following components: competitive salaries, performance-based compensation, and recognition. 
    In addition to the benefits envisaged by applicable law, company employees are also provided with an employment-benefit package encompassing the following: voluntary health insurance, free food, jubilee rewards, financial assistance, and the provision of additional days of paid leave in connection with marriage, September 1st, and the funerals of immediate relatives. 

    Priority areas have included employee health protection.
    In 2011, more than 1,400 company employees were insured within the framework of voluntary health-insurance programs, entitling them to receive medical treatment at the best healthcare institutions in the Russian Federation.
    The company is constantly refining its policy of enhancing the motivation function of remuneration, which depends upon the quantity and quality of labor as well as on the end results of enterprise operations. 

    • Success was achieved through the use of existing personnel-management standards developed on the basis of similar procedures in place at JSC Gazprom Neft:
    • Company policy in the area of human-resource management; 
    • Hiring procedure; 
    • Procedure for granting leaves; 
    • Timekeeping procedure; 
    • Policy and procedure for sending employees on business trips; 
    • Procedure for the development, coordination, approval and storage of job descriptions; 
    • Internal labor regulations; 
    • Employment termination procedure;
    • Voluntary health-insurance procedure;
    • Business trips. Procedure for sending employees on business trips;
    • Procedure for the imposition and lifting of disciplinary penalties;
    • Personnel records. Procedure for accessing employee work records;
    • Procedure for the reimbursement of expenses for roundtrip travel to and from vacation destinations for branch employees (their family members);
    • Specifics of concluding civil contracts with natural persons, control and payment procedures;
    • Employee certification regulations;
    • Succession-pool formation for key positions.
    • Corporate training regulations.
    In 2011, the "Annual Revision of Remuneration at Gazpromneft – Aero Group” project was implemented based on an analysis of labor market trends and involved the revision of salaries paid both at the company as well as at its subsidiaries. Year-end bonuses for 2011 were paid in the amounts specified by the relevant regulations. 

    Recruiting Young Specialists and Advanced Training

    As a leader of the Russian air-fuel industry, the company is interested in recruiting talented specialists. The key thrusts of the company’s personnel development program encompass working with young specialists, succession-pool formation, and the creation of an integrated continuous education system to cover all personnel categories and management levels.
    In order to reduce the shortage of qualified personnel through the use of internal reserves, CJSC Gazpromneft – Aero is implementing the following programs:
    • “Succession pool”. Based on the results of evaluative measures, the succession pool list has been approved with respect to key positions at the company.
    • “Corporate education system”, intended for the development of both professional and corporate (managerial and communicative) competencies.
    • “Mobile personnel”. The primary objective of the project is to provide CJSC Gazpromneft – Aero (including its subsidiaries, affiliates and branches) with personnel capable of solving production- and management-related tasks in any of the regions where the company has an operational presence. The project was launched in 2011. Thanks to compensation package terms, employees with “Mobile Personnel” status are provided with the opportunity to improve their professional level in any of the regions where the company operates, gaining additional compensation and benefits in the process.
    In 2011, work commenced on the creation of a system aimed at providing CJSC Gazpromneft – Aero (including its subsidiaries, affiliates and branches) with graduates of specialized educational institutions. The project, called “Young Specialists and Mentoring,” will make it possible to create attractive conditions for the employment of the best new graduates and their retention and development within the company.