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  • Industrial safety and the environment

    eko3m.jpg Environmental protection and occupational safety are among the company's key priorities.

    As one of Russia’s leading aviation-fuel supply companies, Gazpromneft – Aero strives for the creation of safe labor conditions and the promotion of environmental preservation. In the course of organizing its business processes, Gazpromneft – Aero is guided by the targets outlined in Gazprom Neft Group's Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policy, as approved in 2008.

    According to the policy, the safety of employees, the local population and the environment should be viewed as primary considerations under the adoption of economic and technical decisions. IMG_9823_small.jpg As affirmed in the policy, company commitments include the continuous improvement of labor conditions and industrial/environmental safety level, the implementation and ongoing improvement of an efficient management system, the development of information-sharing with interested parties, capacity building, involving employees in policy implementation, and the imposition of standard safety requirements on company employees and contractors.

    All company employees are provided with protective clothing, receive regular emergency-response training, and undergo health checks. Gazpromneft – Aero strives to minimize man-made impact on the environment. The set of necessary organizational and technical measures intended to ensure the continuous reduction of negative environmental impact was developed according to the world's best practices and is implemented at Gazpromneft – Aero on the basis of a unified environmental policy, including compliance with environmental safety requirements, efficient planning, and the deep integration of environmental-protection measures throughout the entire process chain.

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